At Ayr Equestrian we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the very best selection of equestrian footwear. No matter whether you are a leisure or competition rider we stock a wide range of horse riding boots that will most definately suit your day to day or competition riding needs.

When it comes to footwear, we have extensive selections of both riding boots, country boots, work boots and even some western footwear. The majority of our footwear comes from the leading brand in equestrian footwear Ariat, although we have extensive offerings from Dublin, Brogini, Just Togs and Le Chameau.

Whether your looking for long riding boots, short riding boots, boots to wear round the yard and muck out or wellies, we have a wide selection of styles available to fit your budget whether your shopping for ladies equestrain footwear , mens horse riding boot or a childrens jodhpur boot.

Our selection of long riding boots for ladies, men and children are suitable for everyday riding yet smart enough for dressage, showjumping and eventing competitions our selction of long leather riding boots are designed to be close fitting around the rider's leg on top of breeches and for this reason both our ladies and mens long boots are available in a variety of calf widths and heights to help enable us to find you the most comfortable and best fitting tall boot for horse riding.

We also offer a fantastic range of short riding boots, that look great paired up with either our Ariat or Dublin half chaps. The short riding boot offers greater versitilty with a wider range of size combinations for fitting and the short paddock boot also doubles up as great pair of yard boots after your finshed in the saddle as they feature an extremely comfy footsole suitable for all day long wear.

Our footwear collection doesn't stop with riding boots we also stock a vast range of country boots from Ariat, Dublin and Just Togs. We have so many differnt styles of country boot for you to choose from, from tall boots to mid length boots and also some shorter ankle boots too. Some styles like the Ariat Windermere or Just Togs Stanbrooke you can simply pull on while other styles like the Ariat Berwick feature a rear zipper making them easy to put on for ladies with high insteps or a wider calf. Shorter country boot styles such as the Ariat Skyline or Just Togs Fairbrook feature laces so are easy to put on and fully adjustable to give the perfect and most comfortable fit.

The majority of our country boot styles are waterproof but every style of country boot we stock is extremely versatile. Although as the name suggests our country boots are designed for the countryside they make great yard boots, while some styles like the Ariat Grasmere even feature a riding sole specifically designed to ensure safety in the stirrup so that your foot wont get stuck making some of our country boot styles a great casual riding boot for everyday lesuire riding or hacking. They even dont look out of place when teamed up with a pair of jeans to wear around the town.

No matter what type of equestrian footwear you are looking for whether its a riding boot or country boot its important that the boot you choose is comfortable. Ariat who are the leading manufacturer of equestrian footwear have researched and developed different types of foot soles for every budget to help keep you comfortable all day on the yard or in the saddle riding. Ariat's entry level foot sole is the 4LR or 4 layer technology and it features in popular rding boot styles such as the Ariat Heritage Zip or Lace paddock boot and also in their long riding boot the Ariat Heritage Contour Field Zip. The AriatDevon Nitro and the new Ariat Assent paddock boot both feature Ariat's latest and premium Nitro foot sole which offers a superior level of comfort with cushioning and stability.

Finally we have Ariat's mid level ATS technology which can be found in all our Ariat country boot styles from the AriatSkyline Mid GTX to the Ariat Grasmere or Ariat Coniston. The ATS foot sole is designed to support and cushion the footas you move whilst also helping to promoting good posture so you can work or play all day.