Riding Tights

At Ayr Equestrian, we always bring you the best products available from the leading equestrian brands, and this is no different when it comes to riding tights.

We have a handpicked selection of riding tights from the brands such as Ariat, Pikeur, Le Mieux and Just Togs; we have a pair of riding tights to suit any rider, no matter your budget. Our tight offerings all ensure maximum comfort and durability and are tested to ensure they perform as expected.

What are Riding Tights?

Riding Tights, also called riding leggings, are relatively new phenomena, especially to the UK market, and provide a fantastic alternative to any women's breeches. They differ from traditional riding breeches in two main ways, the fabrics used for riding tights tend to have a much higher elasticity than traditional breeches, due to the larger quantity of spandex incorporated within their blend. However, the most significant difference between riding tights and breeches is the use of an elasticated, pull-on style waistband that riding tights have, this makes them exceptionally comfortable for any ladies who do not like the constriction around their waist felt by breeches.

The great thing about riding tights is that for all the extra comfort offered by the waistband and fabric, they have all the same great features that breaches have. The use of the silicone grip ensures that ladies riding tights can offer just as much grip in the saddle as traditional breeches, available in the same options as breeches, knee patch and full seat. If you are looking for a more conventional suede knee patch, the noble balance riding tight has this offering. In addition to the exceptional comfort and optimum grip they offer to everyday riding, they also have great built-in functionality with the thigh pocket most tights come with, this phone pocket is one of the best features for any rider who rides with their phone and don't want to wear a jacket. The location of the pocket ensures that your phone does not dig in as it does with most conventional breeches. Moreover, the elasticated tight nature of riding tights means the pockets do not need fiddly zip enclosures to keep your items secure. Also, the reduced bulk in the lower leg means they are exceptionally comfortable with any long riding boots.

Below you will find a selection of our favourite riding tights for ladies and girls, if you need any help at all with your choice, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly assist you.

If you love horse riding, you will love wearing riding tights, they offer ladies so much more freedom and comfort, especially when compared to full seat breeches, meaning there is nothing to distract you from your time in the saddle with your horse.

Some of our favourite riding tights are below; we strive to have an offering to every rider. Our best value Riding Tight has to be the Just Tights from Just Togs, offering exceptional value and comfort, made from a durable stretch fabric, subtle detailing such as the glitter embossed logo on the side of the leg, contrast stitching round the seat and a full seat JT silicone grip ensures these riding tights combine value, comfort and durability whilst looking great on.

One of our all-time favourites is the Ariat Eos Ladies Riding Tight; These tech riding tights feature a temperature regulating performance fabric which is designed to act as a compression tight, preventing the build-up of lactic acid, even under the most strenuous of horse riding activities. The tight features a wide waistband for added comfort and also is available in silicone full seat or knee patch; they feature a side pocket for storing your phone when riding and also have a stylish Ariat logo embossed onto the side of the leg, giving them the technical apparel look Ariat has become known for. When it comes to Colour, Ariat has chosen to keep it simple, offering grey, black and navy, along with a team offering keeps the range neat and provides an excellent selection.

At the luxury end of the market, we have Pikeur, using the latest technical fabrics the Gia Grip, and Hanne Grip redefine what comfort is when wearing a ladies riding tight, traditionally known for their fantastic riding breeches, pikeur knows a thing or two about creating fantastic legwear for horse riding, arguably the leading brand in high-quality ladies equestrian legwear, pikeur has taken this knowledge and passed it onto the riding tight market. Both riding tight styles ooze style with the thick waist, with glitter embossed styling on the Hanne waist and tasteful styling from pikeur mean these tights will not disappoint. Easily the nicest tights on the market and equestrian wearing these tights will be sure to stand out. The flat seams are sure to make these some of the most comfortable tights you have owned.