Jockey Skulls

At Ayr Equestrian we strive to bring you the very best Jockey Skulls on the market. No matter what equestrian discipline you want your Jockey Skull for we have a wide variety.

We stock a wide variety of riding hats and jockey skulls in order to help any rider find the best fit and style to suit them. When getting a riding hat it is important to establish what you would like to use the hat for and what hat shape is likely to fit you best.

All of our riding helmet and jockey skull range is predominantly supplied by from Charles Owen. Charles Owen's have a wide variety of styles of a skull cap, not only do the features vary, the shape and depths of the hats vary between styles, meaning that just because one Charles Owen hat doesn't fit you doesn't mean they all won't.

It is important to remember that you should replace any riding helmet after every fall as they do not have the capacity to offer the same level of protection from a secondary hit. The other time you should change your helmet is every three to five years as the helmet will degrade and wear over time, as any product will. It is important to observe this in order for you to keep being provided with the same standard of safety that it is designed to protect you with.

Charles Owen produces some amazing features in their Jockey Skull line up, whether it's their GRpx upgraded leather harness, MIPS technology featured in the MS1 Pro, or enhanced ventilation, providing optimum breathability through the ten ventilation slots featured on the majority of Charles Owen's skull range apart from the J3 which features four ventilation holes. Furthermore, the range now has added comfort for riders who intend to use their hat a lot with the addition of a removable liner, featured in the Pro II plus and the MS1 Pro.

In terms of Safety, Charles Owen skull cap range is one of the highest specs of any riding hat range. All of Charles Owen's Jockey Skull range meet at least three safety standards, VG1, PAS and ASTM, whilst their top of the range skull cap, the Charles Owen 4 Star features snell in addition to other three safety standards.

We provide a range of Jockey Skulls for all ages and abilities, starting out with the young rider Jockey, it offers exceptional value for money, offering a reinforced nylon webbing, 10 ventilation slots, two fit options, starting at a size49 cm and running to a 61 cm and a free hat silk, it is the perfect Childs riding hat for any young rider starting out riding with safety in mind.

The ideal way to store and care for your helmet is ideally within a padded storage bag and somewhere dry, not damp, it prolongs the life and finish of any helmet if it is not stored in direct sunlight. one of the great things about a skull is on the outside it takes relatively little cleaning, the best way to clean your skull is with a small dab of water and a relatively stiff brush on the outer, followed by Charles Owen's helmet cleaner on the inside. If your hat benefits from the liner system this can be removed and put on a cool wash, just be sure to check that there are no micro-adjustments (hat tape) within the rear pockets of the liner, if there are, remove before washing. When it comes to the harness and chin strap a simple wipe down will suffice, the leather harness is made from a leather substitute and therefor can be wiped with a damp cloth.

If you have any questions on any of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email or phone and we will be happy to help.