Riding Hats

At Ayr Equestrian we work hard to bring you the top selection of riding helmets, we handpick our ranges, ensuring we have the perfect riding helmet to suit your needs. Our range consists of mainly Charles Owen Equestrian riding hats. We predominantly stock Charles Owen due to the superior safety and quality of their helmet range. We feel it has a wide range of riding helmets to suit all disciplines, be it a polo helmet or a more traditional horse riding helmet you are after we have something to suit your needs.

What happens to your helmet when you fall off?

How should a Riding hat fit?

Within the Charles Owen range of equestrian helmets, the vast majority of the range from Charles Owen is accreditated to three specific safety standards; this means added protection from a scenario of falls or injury you may encounter with your horse or other horses. With Safety in mind, the Charles Owen helmet range has a fantastic range of low profile, ventilated horse riding helmets to suit your needs.

The Ayrbrush pinstripe from Charles Owen is an elegant, sleek equestrian helmet which has a removable liner, faux leather harness including chin strap, and ten ventilation holes mean this hat will be incredibly comfortable for any rider to wear. In addition to ventilation, the fit is integral to the helmet design, as, with any Charles Owen hat, this hat would be ideal for any rider. Meaning any rider can use them for a wide variety of disciplines such as show jumping, dressage or any riding club events. The three safety standards this hat meets mean it is a fantastic choice of riding hat to keep your head safe.

Another fantastic equestrian helmet is the Ayr 8 Plus from Charles Owen; it features many of the same features which make the Ayrbrush an excellent choice for horse riding but feature an alternative look. It is also based on a different shell, and although the fit is similar to the Ayrbrush or Pro II, it is not identical. Available in a selection of finishes, either microsuede or leather look, this helmet is again a low profile helmet and will be suitable for any rider who wants a comfortable, stylish helmet with a great fit.

A more classically styled riding hat is the Fian from Charles Owen, it has a lovely flesh coloured faux leather harness and chin strap. The superior velvet used on the Charles Owen Fian has a beautiful feel and an even more amazing look to it; it shows off the colour of this riding hat. It adds an unrivalled level of depth and sophistication to the hat. There is a traditional drawstring within the hat, ensuring every rider gets the perfect fit.

The MyPS from Charles Owen features new technology for a riding helmet, MIPS. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is specifically designed to reduce brain injury caused by a horseback riding accident. This riding hat also features the three safety standards found on other Charles Owen helmets. The outer shell of the MyPS is made from a plastic composite as opposed to the traditional fibreglass outer shell used by most other equestrian riding helmets in Charles Owens range, meaning this riding hat is even more lightweight than others in the range. However, the plastic will shatter upon impact as opposed to the fibreglass, which will absorb some of the impact through flexing before passing the impact on to the expanded polystyrene foam lining. If you were looking for these features in a skull cap, then look at the MS1 Pro.

Ultimately at Ayr Equestrian we always try to ensure that we can find you a riding hat that will any ensure Safety and comfort for any rider's head through the offering of the latest styles of riding hat and protective equipment. We strive to keep our range up to date and bring you the best riding hats that the equestrian industry have to offer.

This vital piece of safety equipment is absolutely for any horse rider, regardless of discipline, be it a leisure rider, jockey, dressage, show jumper or even a western rider. The riding hat is important to protect you from any accident scenario be it when riding or handling your horse the riding hat protects riders from a head injury and is proven to reduce the severity of concussion experienced.

It is always advised to buy your riding hat from a recognised and approved helmet brand. Our favourite brand is Charles Owen; we love the quality and passion which they put into every equestrian riding helmet. Every riding hat Charles Owen produces is individually made in their factory in Wrexham in the UK, from start to finish, physically make every riding hat themselves from start to finish; it is not merely assembled in Britain, it is actually made in Britain, if you want to find out more about the Charles Owen factory click here.

If you are looking for a horse riding hat, we can certainly help and are happy to offer honest, impartial advice and always want to ensure that our customers find the riding hat which best suits their needs. Please if you cannot see the horseback riding helmet you are looking for do not hesitate to get in touch. We will do our best to help you find the helmet you need.

For your reference, please see the below-attached videos showing how the hats are made and tested in Wrexham and also how to fit your hat.