Korsteel is one of our most popular brands for all kinds of bits, including snaffles, pelhams, dutch gags, sweet irons and many more. Find the perfect bit for your horse and your discipline from the wide range available from Korsteel. Choose from classic bits or the JP Korsteel range – these have a curved design which is made to reduce tongue pinching and be a more comfortable fit for your horse.

Sweet iron bits are a great way to encourage acceptance of the bit. They are designed to oxidise and produce a sweet taste. Many of Korsteel’s styles and ranges are available as sweet iron bits. Choose from loose ring, eggbutt, French link or full cheek snaffles.

We have a great range of Korsteel bits at Ayr Equestrian, with something to suit everyone and every horse. Our snaffle bits come in many varieties, including loose ring, hollow mouth, cherry roller, and full cheek. Certain mouth pieces, such as roller mouthpieces, can help to relax your horse and provide a less severe bit for them.

The Dutch Gag Bits available from Korsteel are perfect for when you’re riding with double reins. The multiple rings also give you a choice of where to attach your reins, with the lower rings increasing the control you have over it. Another option for double bridles is the Weymouth style of bit – this is a very popular choice for showing or dressage classes.

For riders who prefer a curb bit, try a Pelham or Kimblewick. A Pelham bit has elements of both a curb and snaffle and is used with two reins. The Kimblewick bit is a mild type of curb and is used with only one set of reins.

We also have a great host of Korsteel bit accessories, including chain guards and twin link curb chains. For added comfort to your horse, we have small rubber martingale and rein stops.