Studs, Taps & Competition Accessories

Prevent your horse from slipping on uneven ground with the selection of Studs available at Ayr Equestrian. We have a fantastic choice to pick from, with individual studs being available alongside complete stud & tap kits. There are also must-have accessories to make it that little bit easier for you – a magnetic tray to hold your studs and stud hole stoppers to keep the holes free from debris when the studs aren’t in use.

The tungsten road stud is a shallow stud and will provide maximum grip on the road. Pointed studs are for use on hard ground and square studs are appropriate for ground that is soft on the top and firm underneath. For the softest ground, use dome studs for the best grip.

To clean out the stud holes in your horse’s shoe before putting the studs in, use one of our Stud Taps. These clean out any dirt that’s managed to get in. Use stud hole stoppers when not using studs to keep the holes clean.

Lastly, a spanner is required to screw the studs in. We have a handy tool from Mark Todd that combines your spanner and tap, keeping your kit together and easier to transport.