Browse a wonderful selection of Bridles that are available at Ayr Equestrian. We have a great choice of styles and brands to choose from. Including plain, grackle, weymouth, flash and inhand bridles from top brands that include Schockemohle, Stubben, and Ascot. Perfect bridles for everyday horse tack and those that will add an extra dimension to your competition supplies.

For everyday use and schooling we have basic bridles available. Plain bridles are also used in Mountain & Moorland, Cob & Hunter classes.

A Flash bridle has a flash noseband attachment – this is sometimes removable to give you the option of riding with or without it. They are typically popular in Show Jumping and they help to keep your horse’s mouth closed and can help to encourage them taking the bit. Schockemohle and Stubben supply both flash and detachable flash bridles.

The Grackle noseband on a bridle is a variation of the flash and applies pressure more evenly over a larger area than the flash. We have a popular grackle bridle by Ascot, which features a sheepskin pad on the crossover for extra comfort.

Weymouth bridles are an excellent horse supply for competitions and in the show ring. Commonly known as a double bridle, it is most often used in dressage competitions. They become required once you reach a higher level and are also popular for show hunting and show hacks.

For showing young horses and ponies, an in hand bridle is required. These are used with bits and lead reins, which we also have a great selection of.

We also offer a great range of equine and horse riding equipment throughout our website. View our Leatherwork category for more horse tack, reins, breastplates and martingales to co-ordinate with your bridle.