With a selection of the highest quality horse riding saddles, Ayr Equestrian can help you find the perfect saddle for every style of riding and event. As any rider knows, choosing the right type of saddle is extremely important if you are to enjoy the maximum level of comfort and support during extended periods on horseback, which is why a well-designed and well-manufactured piece of equipment makes all the difference to both rider and horse.

<!-READ MORE-> We are proud to offer Stübben saddles developed with the most advanced ‘Biomex’ technology from Klinik Gut, the Swiss Leading Hospital for Orthopaedics, Accident Care and Sports in St. Moritz. Both our Zaria de Luxe and Roxane CS de Luxe horse riding saddles have a unique design which allows the rider to adopt a healthy posture whilst on horseback, greatly reducing the strain on the lower back and reducing the risk of injury.

Combining functionality with stylish elegance, these saddles are sculpted to provide the greatest level of comfort to both rider and horse. The Biomex seat technology behind their design means they are among the most stable and safe horse riding saddles on the market, enabling you to ride and jump in perfect comfort and with the greatest ease of movement.

We also offer a high-performance Bates wide, all-purpose saddle, which is the ideal choice for both experienced riders and those new to equestrianism. The deep seat allows you to find a healthy poise, and the adjustable Y-girthing system means this horse riding saddle has a far greater level of stability and a much greater weight-bearing area than many other models available today. The innovative design means it cannot be matched for comfort. In choosing this saddle you will see a noticeable difference in your horse’s freedom of movement, which in turn will enhance your own performance.

When it comes to choosing the perfect saddle for you and your riding style, Ayr Equestrian are the number one choice for riders of all ages and abilities. Finding a seat which offers you the greatest level of comfort, stability and support is key to enjoying your time on horseback, so call on us today to find your ideal horse riding saddle.